Shivaji Outside Maharashtra
Shivaji Outside Maharashtra

Shivaji Maharaj is not only the pride of Mahrashtrians but an inseperable part of their lives. “Jai Bhavani – Jai Shivaji” has almost become an anthem, a pledge, a promise and a prayer for most of the people in Maharashtra. However, it is also important to note that Shivaji Maharaj’s might and valour was not only demonstrated and respected in his home state alone but even outside in the country and the world around. When we hear stories of his warfare tactics to be an inspiration to even foreign armies, when we hear about his stories being told with respect even in the states outside Maharashtra, one realises how firmly has his name ingrained in the minds of diverse people across India for ages as a great Hindu king.

Every nationalist who respects this country loves Shivaji. He is a hero, the person who upheld India and defended it from foreigners and other atrocious rulers. But unfortunately for this great son of India, parochial organisations have hijacked his legacy and reduced him to a 'local' figure.

This blog will feature stories and articles based on the Shivaji Maharaj’s feats of inspiration outside the state of Mahrashtra.

Shivaji Mahraj's life story is no less than a thriller. What he achieved in his lifetime is beyond imagination for any other individual. Shivaji revolutionised the art of warfare in India to establish “Hindavi Swarajya” and mind well – not just “Maratha Samrajya”. His fight was for the whole nation, for his fellow Indians and for everyone who seeked justice. Hence his stories cannot remain confined to a few districts, forts and one state. Shivaji Maharaj will forever remain a National Icon and his tales in and outside Mahrashtra will continue to inspire youths to lead a life of truth, honesty, valor, strength and character above all for generations to come.

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