The extraordinary story of 'Raja Shiv Chhatrapati'



The Broadway Theatre or Operas in western countries are greatly discussed and appreciated across the globe and have the power of drawing huge crowds. But, how many Indians are aware of one such musical mega opera that is continually playing for more than three decades, in India too?

After entertaining audiences all around the world through the 1000+ shows staged within the country and abroad, the mega Marathi opera –“Janata Raja” based on Shivaji Maharaj’s life is all set to dazzle the Red Fort Grounds with its Hindi Version – “Raja Shiv Chhatrapati”. This iconic show staged in Delhi between 6th to 10th of April 2018.

Known as Asia’s first and World’s second largest mega opera, a total of 1,00,000+ people all over the world have witnessed this grand theatrical extravanza that brings to life, the extraordinary story of Raja Shiv Chhatrapati.


Splendid scenography and digitally recorded 4-track sound adorn the mega opera and creates a lasting impression. The opera has been ongoing for the last 33 years now. No such record of any other show running for so long has been found in India and Asia. The sheer scale of this entire effort just spells one word – magnificent!!

A four-storeyed stage with a huge grandeur and over 250 artists bring alive the era of Shivaji Maharaj. Exceptional performances, marvellous costumes and with real elephants, camels and horses on the stage, this mega-opera promises to be a breath-taking adventure.

History has always described Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as the greatest, most progressive, and a sensitive King of India. He was not a ruler, for his people he was one amongst them - a caretaker, an efficient administrator and a fair minded leader.

To maintain the values of Hindus and the Maratha heritage, he nurtured the dream of Swaraj - to liberate his fellowmen from atrocities of the ruling Mughals. Building and riding on his new war skills with his bravery and tactics, he made his enemies sniff the ground. His guerrilla strategy, management policies and the ideation of ​​building a Navy is a matter of study and research for even foreign troops and armies today.

The Maratha footprint once again sets itself up in Delhi, the very place where the throne of the atrocious Mughal Sultanate felt threatened by the great king. “Raja Shiv Chhatrapati” – a magnum opus penned by Shiv Shahir Babasaheb Purandare himself.

On the Red fort grounds, New Delhi from 6th to 10th April 2018. Register the best seats on Book My Show and witness history, experience the splendour and be a part of an event –magnifique!!