शिवसृष्टि    16-Nov-2022
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Books, novels and articles penned and published by Late. Babasaheb Purandare is the most valuable treasure of Marathi literature. Babasaheb is as gifted author as he is flawless & fluent orator. ‘History should be told in every house, to every mother, to every child and even it should reach to every infant!’ formed the bedrock of all the literature conceived and created by Babasaheb Purandare. With this comprehensive approach, he carved a niche for himself in Marathi literary circles. His prominent publications including ‘Mujryache Mankari’, ‘Maharajanchi Rajchinhe’, Shelarkhind’, ‘Purandarchya Burujavarun’ inspired the Marathi readers with renewed interest in history and valor of Maratha warriors.


His famous title ‘Raja shivachhatrapati crossed all the records scaling the newest height of popularity. In the words of famous Marathi writer, journalist and political leader par excellence Acharya Pralhad Keshav Atre “The reader is confused to the extent of categorizing this biography of Shivaji as prose, or poetry, or history or even a drama as he reads each and every word of it. Babasaheb has portrayed this biography In perfect Maharashtrian ethos & essence ”. To make this creation available to masses Babasaheb and his son Amrut Purandare launched and implemented innovative schemes. One amongst them was pre-publication booking at reasonable price which received a massive response.

 With the help of eminent artist Dinath Dalal, Babasaheb created the first pictorial biography Shivaji Maharaj. This book titled as 'Maharaj' was one of the best mediums to illustrate story of Shivaji Maharaj to kids. When in the 80's the concept of ‘Coffee Table Book’ was not so popular, Babasaheb and genius artist M R Achrekar created a highly pictorial novel ‘Shelarkhind’. This novel was embellished with imaginative illustrations, sketches & painting by M R Acharekar. The combination of Babasaheb's narration & realistic paintings of Achrekar was so captivating that the book was like a well conceived screen play & storyboard.
This was the first coffee table book in Marathi literature. Babasaheb has done monumental work in historical literature in Marathi language. Hence, the existing literature needs to be promoted in new generations and new literature needs to be published to propagate the research. Following the footsteps of Late. Babasaheb, the Trust aims to collaborate and encourage the researchers, writers to explore multiple dimensions of Maratha history & Shivacharitra.