शिवसृष्टि    16-Nov-2022
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Various projects undertaken by Pratishthan have created a platform to engage with glorious past & celebrate the cultural wealth of our land. However, in order to accomplish these tasks successfully, a multidisciplinary team has been involved for research & development work. The team has been actively working on study of various aspects of Shivacharitra such as strategic planning, warfare tactics, management & administration, ethnography etc.. Along with these subject based research, Pratishthan has also commissioned scientific documentation of historic sites mainly Maratha forts, data compilation & analysis, preservation of traditional knowledge as well as sources of knowledge, research on traditional construction methods & materials. This research has formed a strong foundation for the upcoming project of Shivasrushti. The knowledge acquired through these research projects is being effectively used to create the authentic 17thcentury environment. Also, Pratishthan plans to develop interactive educational programs for various age groups.