Ranangan: The Battle field

शिवसृष्टि    24-Mar-2023
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Shivsrushti Pune Ranangan
The ShivSrushti Museum invites you to witness the history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The Ranangan gallery showcases replicas of original paintings from the 17th century that depict the enemies of Shivaji Maharaj. These paintings are authentic reproductions of the original collections displayed at the Witsen Album in the Hague museum, Netherlands and Bibliothic France, created by Nicollo Manucci, an Italian traveler and chronicler who witnessed some of the events first-hand.
The Ranangan gallery offers you a rare opportunity to see the vivid details and colors of these paintings. You will also learn about the historical and cultural context of these paintings and how they reflect the political and social realities of the time.
Come and visit the Ranangan gallery at the ShivSrushti to understand why Swarajya created by Shivaji Maharaj has a unique and most important place in Indian history.